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Celtic Regional and Minority Languages Abroad Project
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Questionnaire 2

CRAMLAP – Celtic, Regional and Minority Languages Abroad Project


Institutional Details

  Name of Institution
  Website of Department
  Name of Respondent
  Contact Name
  Email Address

*** Please forward to colleagues to whom you think this questionnaire might apply.***

Graduate School of Education
69-71 University Street
Northern Ireland
Email: e.mckendry@qub.ac.uk



Q1 How would you/your tutors characterise your approach to language teaching?
  Conversation class
  Text-based class
  Grammar-based class
  Other (please specify)
Q2 What text books to you use to teach ab initio and other language(s)?
  Standard textbooks (please specify)
  Others (please specify)
Q3 What supporting resources do you use in your lessons?
  Personal materials (please specify)
  Handouts (please specify)
  Tapes, videos, CD-ROMS (please specify)
  ICT (email, Internet, word-processing, VLE, clip art, etc.)
  Others (please specify)
Have you any comments on the textbooks and resources available, and the methodology they recommend?
Q5 Have you any other comments on methodology and your institution's approach to ab initio teaching?
Q6 How much class contact time do the ab initio students have?
Q7 How much personal study time is recommended?
Q8 Is any training/staff development provided for ab initio staff?
  Generic (please specify)
  Particular Language (please specify)
Q9 Do your ab initio tutors have prior language teaching experience or relevant qualifications?
  Yes (please specify)
Q10 Does your institution have a staff development programme?
  Subject-specific Languages (please specify)
Q11 How do students evaluate the course? (please expand)
Q12 Any further comment on ab initio and other Celtic language teaching in your institution?


This is the end of the questionnaire, thank you for taking the time to fill it in.


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